Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Soul Frost Between Samhain and Solstice

Breathing in shards of glass, air so sharp it cuts
 the lungs and rakes the nose raw-
lips red, raggedy, whipped by the wind.
Heat and light flowing from the fire
warms the body, but leaves the soul chilled
the coolness winds around my legs
and, like old ghosts at my feet
coldness settles in the bones
In November, O Sol sets much too early.
The wintery twins Woe and Dysphoria
pull me down and sit on me-
I try to leave them home
where they belong-
but they follow me

Looking down now, my hands
this year, they are
like my mother's hands
dry and cold and
slippery with wear,
i hold them out to the fire
as a kind of offering.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Lament of Apathy

O blubbersuit!
rounding rotund
in astonishing
O plump pumpkin!
direct cause
and affect effect
of voracious feasting,
sweet tooth
and sloth-
O mindless indulgences!
Generous helpings
of pinguid pizza,
buttery buns,
chunky chocolate
confections mask
insecurity and sadness;
the sin of gluttony
and excess-
O unctuous edibles
alas, brains devolve-
and the walking dead
inherit the earth.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Disquietly discordant depressed deranged arrangement of morbid thoughts

melted molten melancholy melding mouldering marauder
apathy assassin angst allure assure adore abhor amore
aging asking making taking lying scheming screams
unseen invisible transparent see-thru ghostlyeerie
unseeing blind unkind myopic microscopic
dumb daft dim obtuse callous sarcastic
denied demoralized disrespected
numb deadening leaden weight
sleepy drowsy lethargy coma
insomniac sleep walker apneic
despot maniac narcissist egotist
desperate hungry hurting bleeding
ploting plans scheming scammming
falling crawling shrinking disappearing

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

an unraveling

 a wicker woman
woven tightly into a shape, a form
work of weather and worn down flesh
felting all together texture and temper
down and wool marry,
 and a loose end waving
craving notice and freed,
taken apart and reshaped-
reworked, reraveled.


Evolved erectly upright
never contrite
always forthright
seemingly not so bright
superior to lesser things
inferior to greater beings
wishing for wings
higher order genes
 heavy footprint