Friday, November 22, 2013

Lament of Apathy

O blubbersuit!
rounding rotund
in astonishing
O plump pumpkin!
direct cause
and affect effect
of voracious feasting,
sweet tooth
and sloth-
O mindless indulgences!
Generous helpings
of pinguid pizza,
buttery buns,
chunky chocolate
confections mask
insecurity and sadness;
the sin of gluttony
and excess-
O unctuous edibles
alas, brains devolve-
and the walking dead
inherit the earth.


Anonymous said...

And so the ode is subverted ... smiles. I love this - especially the alliterations e.g. chunky chocolate

That's a pleasure both to say and to hear ... smiles

Anonymous said...

You lard on the syllables to blubber the proper affect here, which is of a mind too hungry for its own good. Not sure the title quite nails the poem's sentiment, but the confection works as a whole. Good job.

Brian Miller said...

ha. yes....ok fun read....i like how the words sound...but oh so true as well....i think we look to someone to blame for getting here and we should be looking right in the mirror...

Björn said...

The way the words roll in your ode which is laced with irony around the sadness of the situation is mesmerizing)... I see the couch-potato in front of me...

Anonymous said...

Whatever the reason behind the over-eating, it is a sad, reality for so many.

dragyonfly said...

Thanks everyone...and you are right, i got a little off track, i was thinking of two separate things, but they ended up together anyway, at the end, and the title..

Peace out