Saturday, October 31, 2015

Back again

Hello from the old Slobblogger out here in Elvisland. I have revived the Slobblogg, given it CPR and a good dusting off. It seems like it is pretty much like I left it almost 2 years ago. I have gotten a little older and alot more bolder, or is it alot LESS bolder. As some old Rock N Roller used to say. Slobb blog never forgets.

I am back here now, back in the land of blogs and words after a long hiatus. I have been blocked, blacked out, constipated, dried up like a cow chip with words spaced out and rare, any inspiration, like a rolling tumbleweed in the desert of a flat line brain. Im broken and lost and wonder if I am truly mad? I despise my loathing and despair. All my other life gay and happy, this is a thin aired existence, giving no energy nor requiring any. The constant companion, pain, now arises from my hips and lights up the knee and ankle, and the hands and fingers are like pain antennae, tracking any high barometric pressure in the area. Its alarming to realize not only do I not want to add exercise to my life, but I am unable to. Walking half a block and having to turn around and rest several times raised a warning flag of burning pain in my hips and groin. Should I even mention the shortness of breath and alarming weight gain? I see to be unable to stop the train headed my way. Maybe I want to get hit by it. I guess I wonder what its like, but then I realize what I just wondered about and get wary of my thoughts.
Death by self neglect. I gotta take a nap now.

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